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Shelley & Co is a leading expert, source, supplier and manufacturer of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds to the global diamond and jewelry industry. The company, based in New York City, has been involved in the industry for the past 15 years. It has built up a strong reputation in the world of natural fancy color and white diamonds and is a leading expert in the field. We pride ourselves on our spectacular inventory of rare and exotic natural fancy color and white diamonds in a wide range of extraordinary colors, shapes and sizes. Because the company is run by women, we have that special touch where advising on color is concerned, and we are also able to provide clients with a warm, personal service.

Shelley & Co's extensive knowledge, passion, expertise, the quality of our diamonds, our commitment to servicing our clients and building long-lasting relationships set us apart from the rest. We believe that these are not optional extras, but an integral part of our business principles. The greatest satisfaction for Shelley and Co Inc comes from providing the highest level of service and complete confidentiality and loyalty to our clients, whether from the diamond industry, who benefit from our one-on-one service. Buying from Shelley and Co Inc gives customers complete assurance of total reliability, integrity and consistently high service. Our personal, one-on-one service ensures that we customize all of your needs in order to find the perfect diamond or create the jewelry of your dreams.

We live and breathe the diamond industry, and we constantly have up-to-date information regarding the market, whether auction prices, availability of certain diamonds, and selecting the right diamond for your inventory, investment or private collection. Our clients can be found across the world, from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and North and South America. We service a range of clients that include some of the world's finest jewelry brands, jewelry manufacturers, diamond wholesalers, high-end jewelry shops, diamond investors, and collectors. We provide a personal and customized service to our clients throughout the world.

In addition to manufacturing, we constantly search the world for the rarest natural fancy color diamonds in a wide range of sizes, shapes and different colors. Our diamonds are sourced directly from the rough and polished to perfection by some of the world's top diamond cutters. We control the polishing process from the moment we acquire the rough to ensure the diamond is manufactured to the highest standards. Shelley & Co acquires the rough from areas of Brazil, Africa, Australia, Russia and Canada, reaching sources that are not widely available to the rest of the industry.

We believe in guiding our clients and educating them about the world of natural fancy color and white diamonds. Shelley & Co's team is dedicated to advising clients and providing a tailor-made service. We know that clients have many highly specific demands when it comes to color diamonds – whether as a client from the diamond trade, diamond investors or collectors – we can source the exact gem for your requirements. We have strong contacts with a wide range of business partners in all the major diamond centers.

Shelley & Co's inventory is displayed at the world's most exclusive diamond and jewelry trade shows. We also invest a great deal of time in visiting our clients around the world.

Shelley & Co is a member of the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA), an international trade organisation established to raise industry and consumer awareness about color diamonds.


Natural red diamonds are the rarest of all natural color stones. So much so that fewer than 10 such diamonds are produced annually in the whole world.


Looking to create a spectacular piece of natural colored diamond jewelry? Contact Shelley & Co for advice and how we can find the exact diamonds that you require for elegant jewelry.

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