Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds can range in color from light champagne to deep, rich cognac and brown. They have become increasingly popular with celebrities in recent years. Rio Tinto, which mines Champagne diamonds at its Argyle mine in Australia, says there is growing demand in the United States, the world's largest diamond jewelry market, for champagne color diamonds, while it has also set up programs to promote these stones in the growing Indian market. Market research shows that consumers finds natural colour champagne and cognac diamonds an appealing alternative to more traditional white diamonds.

These diamonds’ secondary hues include Pure, Yellow, Yellowish, Pink, Pinkish, Orange, Orangy, Greenish, Greenish Yellow, Purple, and Reddish.
The intensity grades, depending on the secondary colors of the stone, are Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark.

Argyle Diamonds has devised the C1 to C7 color scale to grade champagne diamonds.


Natural red diamonds are the rarest of all natural color stones. So much so that fewer than 10 such diamonds are produced annually in the whole world.


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