Orange Diamonds

Among orange diamonds, the purest do not have any traces of brown or yellow. They are extraordinarily rare, and experts believe the color is due to a combination of nitrogen and deformities in their structure.

An orange diamond with a trace of another color, such as yellow, will command a lower price. Even an orange diamond with a small dash of yellow will appear orange to the human eye, while providing a more affordable price point prices. Orange diamonds range from bright pumpkin to apricot, saffron and cognac.
In addition to single-color stones, orange diamonds can also feature Brown, Brownish, Yellow, Yellowish, Brownish Yellowish, and Pinkish hues.

The intensity grades are Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark. They depend on the color combination of the diamond.


Natural red diamonds are the rarest of all natural color stones. So much so that fewer than 10 such diamonds are produced annually in the whole world.


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