Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are among the most widespread of natural color diamonds. They usually have a good level of clarity. It is imperative to ensure that they have no large black inclusions, since these are easily spotted in yellow stones.

Where nitrogen existed, for example, the outcome is yellow, orange and brown diamonds.

Manufacturers often cut yellow diamonds quite thickly as a means of retaining maximum saturation of color. This is not visible, however, when the diamond is set, and does not influence the value of the stone. Although fancy, intense and canary yellow are the best-known shades of yellow, there is a wide range of shades stretching from vanilla to honey, gold, bronze and saffron.

The yellow diamonds can be either pure single colored stones or contain anyone of these overtone colors; Brown, Brownish, Brown Greenish, Brownish Greenish, Green, Greenish, Orange, Orangy, Grey Greenish, and Brownish Orangy.

Yellow Diamonds are found in the following intensity grades: Light Yellow (Y-Z), Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Vivid Yellow, and Fancy Deep/Dark Yellow
There have been many famous yellow diamonds, such as the 110-carat Sun Drop diamond, and the 128-carat Tiffany Yellow Diamond.


Natural red diamonds are the rarest of all natural color stones. So much so that fewer than 10 such diamonds are produced annually in the whole world.


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